HR Training Valuable for Many Professional Career Tracks

HR training can be valuable for many jobs outside the human resources department, including managers, trainers, and team leaders, among others. Many management positions expect those who hold them to use HR knowledge even when they’ve never had formal training in HR principles.

Benefits of HR Training for Professionals

Managers may be expected to perform many actions that fall under the umbrella of HR skills. In smaller companies, employees often multitask and have job responsibilities that fall under a number of different job descriptions. If managers and leaders don’t have HR knowledge, they are unlikely to perform these roles effectively, and the performance of the entire business could suffer as a result.

Hiring and firing employees is one area in which HR skills could be valuable for managers. The ability to make effective hires is paramount to a business’s success, and many managers and business leaders rely on not much more than instinct when hiring employees. HR training can teach best practices for hiring that can help managers hire new employees with expertise and confidence.

When firing employees, it’s important to know about regulations and requirements in order to avoid lawsuits from disgruntled employees. In some states, it is possible to fire employees for just about any reason, but in others managers need reasons and documentation. Even in at-will states, terminated employees may still bring a lawsuit if they suspect that they were fired in a way that suggests discrimination.

Motivating team members may seem to be more of an art than a science, but HR training offers many evidence-based principles that work to motivate employees and help them to do their best for the business. And motivated employees will be more productive and positively impact the company’s culture, bottom line, and overall success.

Compliance with regulations has become an important part of a manager’s job, since non-compliance can lead to costly fines or even cause a business to be shut down. But how can a manager find out what the federal, state, and local regulations are? HR training focuses heavily on compliance with regulations and can ensure that managers don’t fail at this important part of the job.

SHRM Certification Shows HR Knowledge and Skills

The Society for Human Resource Management is an organization that provides courses and certification in HR training. Passing the certification exam is not easy to do, but shows definitively that you have attained the skills needed to function effectively in HR tasks. Courses cover topics like recruiting and staffing, benefits, training, and compensation, among others.

CCSU Continuing Education offers non-credit HR courses and the SHRM certification course.   To join the mailing list contact Christa Sterling at


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