7 Reasons Why Workplace Diversity Training is More Important Than Ever!

Workplace diversity training helps businesses function better.

Diversity training for the workplace may at first seem confusing or unnecessary, but it can be the start of many positive things for a business. Here are some reasons why workplace diversity training is essential.

1. An inclusive workplace increases employee engagement.

Studies done by companies like Sodexo have shown that employees who participate in diversity training are more engaged in the workplace. As trust is built between diverse groups, employees come to view their workplace as a positive environment in which they want to perform well.

2. An inclusive workplace leads to greater employee retention.

Workplaces with greater engagement also have greater retention. A Gallup Management group study showed that engaged employees were 51% less likely to leave the company than those that weren’t engaged.

3. An inclusive workplace levels the playing field and brings helpful change.

When diversity training takes place, existing power structures may begin to break down, especially if they are based on race or other extrinsic factors. Although this may cause conflict and be difficult at first, the end result for the company is beneficial changes that can lead to greater success in the end.

Businesses that invest in diversity training are more profitable than other businesses.

4. Managing diversity takes several different sets of skills.

Communication, conflict management, cross-cultural competency, and problem-solving are all needed to bring diverse groups together and build trust and affinity. It is important to learn all of these skills, which is most effectively done with specific diversity training rather than a piecemeal approach that may or may not achieve results.

5. Those in the workplace without an understanding of diversity aren’t going to get it without some training.

Ingrained biases and beliefs about different cultures don’t change easily or without effort. Diversity training brings issues of cultural bias and discriminatory practices to the light and shows that they hold businesses back from success.

6. More diverse workplaces are more profitable, according to studies.

Diversity training from the top down will typically lead to a more diverse workplace, as leadership is more inclusive in their hiring practices and team building. Studies have shown that businesses with greater diversity were more profitable and successful than more homogeneous businesses.

7. It protects businesses from liability.

Diversity training shows workplace leaders what their responsibilities are toward their employees, so they are less likely to violate rules about discrimination or bias toward certain groups. Furthermore, employees know that their workplace is committed to fairness for all, and they may be more likely to try to work potential problems out rather than pursue litigation right away.

In the current business environment, diversity training is becoming more and more necessary for a business to reach its full potential. Continuing education courses are one way to provide corporate diversity training to your employees without hiring an expensive corporate trainer and taking days out of your normal work schedule.

Contact CCSU’s Office of Continuing Education for more information about the Diversity & Inclusion Conference on November 17 and workplace diversity training courses. View open courses and continue your education with us.


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